Entry #2


2011-02-06 02:19:48 by BraddScott

I found a few old things i had worked on instead of paying attention in school. Most of which were terrible drawings or poorly scripted games. However i somehow managed to mix both these qualities creating something that had some sort of sick, twisted potential.

Mullet Maddnes
Follows the story of one particularly pissed of video store clerk, caught in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. Sporting a fashionable mullet and two bad-ass fire axes, Darryl is the last line of defense between total human annihilation and cheap $1 movie rentals.

So far very unfinished, but now i have the time i might finally get around to finishing it.



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2011-03-31 05:36:53

i want you in me

BraddScott responds:

The feeling is mutual